Friday, February 24, 2012

The Beginning

Justin Payne & Pete Carlin had a wild idea. 
Childhood friends from Philadelphia; Pete & Justin started their own clothing design and distribution line. Hellacop Clothing Movement.
The two met in fifth grade and shared an interest in clothing and fashion. Pete and Justin soon decided to turn their interest into a profitable business.  

"We used to buy designer stuff from overseas and resell it in school and online. Business was priority; grades not so much." 
- Pete Carlin

The two soon realized creating their own designs 
and selling them would allow them to distribute  
hot new designs 
 and would make them a profit as well. 

(win. win.
also, we get sick new tees to wear. 
triple win.)

"I met Pete at Henderson highschool, in an art class we had together. We realized we both had creative potential and a similar style. As soon as I heard about Hellacop, I was on board."
- Kevin Fenton
(Graphic Designer)

What drew me to Hellacop originally 
(Hi, I'm Corrin & I'm a Hellacop-a-holic)was the 
simple and fresh design quality. 
Hellacop Clothing  Movement produces unique designs that stand out. Their premium streetwear tees can be worn with virtually any clothing style.

The color schemes they use in their eye-catching designs are simple and effective.   Upon seeing one of their tees, you'll think "Woah, what's Hellacop?" 
They know what they've got and they sure know how to use it. In their premier line featuring a wide range of tees; 
                          you're sure to find one you love

Don't be fooled into thinking that Hellacop  Clothing Movement is merely a t-shirt clothing line with fresh designs. These men are on a mission to change lives and motivate people to pursue their dreams and goals in life.

"We are a movement with a message to all generations to elevate their minds and be creative."
                            - Justin Payne 

Pete & Justin's innate desire to promote uniqueness and creativity is the basis for their line. They wanted to choose a name and logo that would model their drive for success and change

"We used the helicopter logo because that’s what helicopters do. They soar over the competition. 
- Justin Payne

In a fast growing society full of mass produced 
people, jobs, entertainment and fashion;
look no further for a unique style that will rise above the rest:

Hellacop Clothing Movement.  

Yours Truly;